Monday, June 1, 2009

Taco Terrorism and you

Greetings from the outskirts, my fellow purveyors of geekdom. E3 is going down this week, and lots of tasty new swag is being churned out. This is the Mecca of Geekness and the geeks are in full swing, itching on any new tech that will throw them back a few hundred bucks.

The new 360 developments hitting are gonna be pretty nifty. Twitter and Facebook now integrated in your XBox Live experience. Double ownage served up in real time social twi-boxing. Scoring a perfect on some dude with the gamer tag of WampaSlayer, while playing Street Fighter IV, can now be Twitted, to bolster up your geek status amongst the Tweeps.

More to come as the techie goodness flows from the E3 mountain top.


I found myself in the observation mode this week. Sunday found me in the normal routine, taking my kids home from the "weekend visit". My daughter and I are cruising along, heading to the "Bell" for some quasi-Mexican food. We usually eat at home before we leave, but a viewing of the new Pixar film, "Up" and a bucket of soda pop and a trough of buttered flavored popping corn, filled us up. Dinner was postponed til the last minute run to the border.

We order, fairly quick and make our way to turn number two, (NASCAR STYLE!) Then BAM, stop in our tracks. I wait patiently, until I make my around the corner. With the order window window in my sights, I notice a dark blue Chevy Suburban, just sitting at the check out. At this point, no biggie, maybe a family with a huge bean burrito fixation to feed. I'm cool like December.

Then I see it. The driver extends his hand out, trying to show the Taco Bell employee the wrong food or wrong condiments, or wrong what ever. Seven minutes have passed since my order placing to whats going down in front of me. Two more minutes pass , and the scenario replays itself, out stretched hand, offering a look from a more discerning member of the Taco Team. Three more minutes and the debacle in front of us , is now at an end. New product is being exchanged and the Suburbans brake lights engage, and in gear it goes, off into the distance, to "I gots my tacos, and I'm enjoying me some mild sauce goodness.

That's when my Jerko Bell alarm goes off.

Why do I have to pay for the sins of his inept ordering skills, or the Taco members mistake? The dude in the Suburban, is giving us the UN PC mental finger, by declaring that if his fat butt ain't eating, none of us eat! Screw all of our Enchirito laments, he is in control.

I explain to my daughter, that this is fast food terrorism. Holding other people hostage is wrong. Take your grievance INSIDE, to spare the hungering souls behind you. That's the right play.

Yeah, that's me, Dad extraordinaire. Life lessons even at the local Taco Bell. I don't seek praise, just a nod of remembrance when you get your fast fried McGoodness in an orderly fashion, that could be my kid, taking his burger with no mayo, dripping with extra mayo inside for your dining pleasure.

Well ... until they make Yar's Revenge 2.

Keep yer unit on you!