Thursday, August 27, 2009

Change of digs!

Well my little slaglings, as do the seasons change such is my blog. The last month or so has brought on monumental changes in my life, on and offline. The embracing of my dreams has become a hunger I can no longer deny.

As a young sapling, I helped my dad on the weekends doing construction, ie: exterior and interior stucco work and the like. Yet this was not and is not the trade I ever wanted to enter. Nineteen years ago, I entered the wheel and tire wholesale business, and never looked back. Smattered betwixt the years, I played congas at a professional level and was considering this as a creative outlet for me. This was not to be.

The one constant in my life from seedling to tree, was my love for the geek arts. I mastered the comic kick from wu dang, the crouching Atari hidden Nintendo system, and I'm proficient in the ancient art of Star Wars foot fist way.

For years I kept this love of Geek-Fu hidden, deep down. But no more! I am fully embracing the tao of my inner fanboy. I have recently started work on a project that will feed my long time love affair with comics, fantasy, anime, on line gaming, and midgets. (Damn! I loves me some midgets!)

You will see the name "Mar.Key Studios" come up more frequently. That's my house of ideas, (along with my pal and awesome artist J.Key) that will pumping out some fantastic works of epic proportions.

I will post updated information of our progress and links to upcoming site. Also, I will post new Blog-Fu short stories here. First up will be a story of a village of the damned and a holy swordsman called, "Boneblade".

Anyhoo, I wanted to keep all my sea monkies of evil informed of the goings on of me and my ... GEEK-FU!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Turning points, off ramps or not ...

Sorry to have shunned you, o' matron saints of the blog world. I have been busy with a new direction in my life. I guess at certain times of ones life, all the planets line up and the heavens sing, the gatekeepers smile and open the long thought forbidden doors. As of lately, I skee-daddled my bulbous tuckus through one of those famed portals and am now four by fouring it on weird and exciting terrain.

I'll have to admit, the uncertainty, albeit exciting, is a bit on the nerve racking side.

I want to scream at you guys on the top of bloggeroo mountain on the details, but until I secure the ins and outs of copyrighting and trademarking and the like, I'm as tight lipped as ... well, you make your damn witty comment.

More likely than not, this will be like command central or a new eblogger site.

Until ... wait, watching Pretty Woman, and Vivian just got the boot out of the snotty shop on Rodeo Drive. Cold.

Until I have a new road map to this new exciting road!