Saturday, November 14, 2009

Captured 1.2

Water. A relatively simple thing. We all need it to survive. Most things we eat have some in it. Heck, our bodies are made up mostly of the stuff. But out here in space, aboard this modified war cruiser, I find my self craving water the most. Oh, don't get me wrong, the Einherjar's water gen-replicators produce enough of it, but it's just not the same. Got a tin like tinge to it and it makes my skin itch. Anyways, I'll post more soon Dad. My departure for planetside is in a few days and I've got to start researching the data logs on the indigenous life forms there. They assigned me to observe negotiations with the Skefs and I've got to brush up on the "do's and don'ts" of dealing with phermonial reptilian flying things. Hope to be home soon. Miss you.

ISMQ : Session closed
Pather : Jackson, Ertimus
Status : Citizen Active Register
Option : SEND
Postage : 525 e.creds

Sometimes the mailQue is my own little private therapy time. Takes my mind away from this twenty foot by thirty foot cell they call a civi-nook. Can't wait to see the accommodations planetside.

A beeping at my door quickly ends today's session.

"Come on in".

Colonel Ramses dips his way through the door way. For a man in his mid seventies, the Colonel is in Olympian form. At least six and half feet tall and coconuts for shoulders. I would guess his weight near two hundred and thirty with at least five pounds coming from his moustache alone.

"How's Earth finest keeping you son?", he bellows. His voice can't help but boom.

"I could use mayb ..."

"Good, good. Now, Ert my boy ..."

I absolutely loathe being called boy. Almost as much as being interrupted. The sidearm he carries, along with the fact that he could snap me in two, quickly calms the loathing.

" - there's a small side mission, that I would like for you to oversee."


"One of my top men has gone M.I.A. and I would like for you to cross lines and go looking for him.", his tone was a little bit more tense, if that were possible.

"The Skef contact is one of their local big shots, name of Fennick. You can familiarize yourself with customs and the like on the transport down."

I didn't like where this was heading. "But sir, I'm Citizen Registered. An observer. I'm not qualified for this sort of mission."

"Ert, if you weren't qualified, you wouldn't be on the Einherjar. Now, take a look at this BioGen disk copy. It's the last transmission Archie made before falling off the grid.", he said before exited my civi-nook.

I inserted the mini-disk into my mobile terminal and information began to light up all my screens. I select Datalog and a voice begins:

Datalog open:
I.D. : Lance Corporal, Krundle Archibald A.
Vessel: Einherjar
BioGen Scan: Complete

Day Six, and still no orders on whether or not we engage these prehistoric, bat bug things. The higher ups are under scrutiny to put together a classic meet and great party to present the "human" peace hand shake. It does not bode well with the ole Archibald meter. The Skefs seem well enough, but they're not the only -

The transmission ends with crackling static.