Saturday, August 8, 2009

Turning points, off ramps or not ...

Sorry to have shunned you, o' matron saints of the blog world. I have been busy with a new direction in my life. I guess at certain times of ones life, all the planets line up and the heavens sing, the gatekeepers smile and open the long thought forbidden doors. As of lately, I skee-daddled my bulbous tuckus through one of those famed portals and am now four by fouring it on weird and exciting terrain.

I'll have to admit, the uncertainty, albeit exciting, is a bit on the nerve racking side.

I want to scream at you guys on the top of bloggeroo mountain on the details, but until I secure the ins and outs of copyrighting and trademarking and the like, I'm as tight lipped as ... well, you make your damn witty comment.

More likely than not, this will be like command central or a new eblogger site.

Until ... wait, watching Pretty Woman, and Vivian just got the boot out of the snotty shop on Rodeo Drive. Cold.

Until I have a new road map to this new exciting road!


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